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The Self-Leadership Experiment

We know a great deal about leadership, the process of leading others towards collective goals.

Comparatively speaking, we know relatively little about self-leadership, the process of leading ourselves towards self-set goals.

Self-leadership is about increasing our self-awareness, which in turn, leads to self-regulation (see Bryant & Kazan, 2012). It’s in these moments of self-regulation where we get closer to being our ideal self.

Self-leadership is complex. It has to be specific to the individual because each of us has unique characteristics, goals, and circumstances.

Self-leadership is also challenging. It’s about what goes on inside our heads. This means that sometimes our assumptions and biases can get in the way.

That’s why I’ve started this blog called The Self-Leadership Experiment.

The goal is to create a community where participants can self-reflect, contextualize, and debate the merits of different strategies.

This approach recognizes that leadership is not a person, it’s a process. It takes ongoing experimentation—trial and error—to reach our goals. There are no quick fixes—it takes honest, intelligent effort over a sustained period of time.

My hope is that these posts spark ongoing conversations so that we can learn from one another. Through this dialogue, we can start to contextualize our ideas and challenge our assumptions, and in turn, make real progress on becoming a better leader.


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