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1. Please Go Away

Every so often I find myself stuck in a conversation with someone that I wish would end.

Sometimes I’m in productivity overdrive where every minute counts, and I just don’t have time for small talk with acquaintances. Other times it’s someone I know well and care about, but I’m in the middle of something.

This is especially problematic for those of us in “deep thinking” jobs. Losing your train of thought can mean a major loss of momentum.

I’ve tried body language. They don’t notice. I’ve also tried to be polite by going with the flow, keeping it short, and steering the conversation towards a close. It doesn’t work.

I think the solution is two-fold:

(1) Respond with purpose. Make it clear that you genuinely don’t have time or need to finish something. The context should dictate how much you explain.

(2) Respond Immediately. The chances of stopping a conversation after one back-and-forth are slim to none.

Although it might feel cold while in the moment, it’s actually more disrespectful to pretend you are interested or only be partially engaged.

Be prepared for your next encounter. The chatterbox always tends to appear when you are in the middle of something.


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