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14. Can You Please Save Your Complaining for Later?

Almost every time I go to my local, big-box grocery store, the cashier and the bagger are complaining about their work. The coworker who was late. The supervisor who said no to a request.

It makes me uncomfortable. And it degrades my perception of their organization’s brand.

But wait, I do it too. I’m embarrassed to think back on how many occasions I’ve complained about something work-related to a friendly colleague.

In the moment it feels right. It’s a form of emotional coping, and it can also build stronger bonds with coworkers.

But perhaps these short-term benefits should be weighed against their long-term detriments.

For one, it signals that you’re willing to talk behind people’s backs. Second, it reinforces close-mindedness.

Sometimes people just make mistakes. So will we. Sometimes people just have a different perspective. And that’s okay too.


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