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72. How dare you insult me! But is it truth or nonsense?

Nobody likes being insulted. That’s human nature.

And while you might not be able to prevent being insulted, you do have a choice in whether you’ll be offended.

Consider whether the insult is truth or nonsense. In many cases, we’re offended by someone’s caustic comments because it’s true, or partly true.

Instead of getting defensive, take a moment to pinpoint whether they are pulling on a thread of truth that might reveal something important. Something you should probably be paying much closer attention to.

If the insult is nonsense, this is your chance to shine. If there’s genuinely no truth to the matter, and you react poorly, then the real problem is your ego.

Flex your self-control muscles by taking your gloves off, not by trading punches. The world isn’t always a nice place. Get over it.


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